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SCOTUSblog Interviews with Nina Totenberg

SCOTUSblog has conducted a five-part series of interviews with Nina Totenberg, NPR’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent and Dean of the Supreme Court Press Corps.  The videos are excellent and provide a unique insight in to the Court from someone who has been reporting on it since the 1970’s.  Links to each of the five interviews are provided below.

Part One: Totenberg talks about her background, how her career began, and how she first started covering the Supreme Court.

Part Two: Totenberg addresses how the Supreme Court works and how to convey its subtleties.

Part Three: Totenberg speaks to which actions of the Court are newsworthy and which are not, as well as how to interview a Supreme Court Justice.

Part Four: Totenberg gives her thoughts on the confirmation process and her role in breaking the Anita Hill story.

Part Five: Totenberg provides insight in to understanding the Court amid its jurisprudence and stories.

Top Legal Blogs


The ABA Journal has announced its 6th Annual Blawg 100, in which its lists its 100 favorite law blogs.  Blogs included in the list focus on a variety of legal topics, from just for fun (Lowering the Bar) to criminal justice (Lawyerist).  In between are blogs on specific topics such as IP, labor and employment, and torts, as well as blogs focusing on legal research and writing.


In addition to the list of 100 blogs, this year the Journal named ten blogs to its Hall of Fame:

All of the blogs on this annual list are lively and engaging, with authors who are passionate about their chosen subjects.  Take a break from studying to check a few out.

The Zen of Law School Success

The Zen of Law School Success
By Chad Noreuil
Law Study Skills Collection KF283 .N67 2011

The Zen of Law School Success is a new book in the Law Library collection written by the College of Law’s very own Professor Chad Noreuil.  Professor Noreuil also wrote The Zen of Passing the Bar Exam.  In this new book, Noreuil focuses on the law school experience and details how to put Zen principles such as simplicity, knowing yourself, and staying focused into practice in law school.  He offers a comprehensive approach to succeeding at law school, as well as focused advice on how to deal with the classroom Socratic method, navigate the law school environment (including the competitive atmosphere), manage stress, prepare for exams, and get a job after graduation.  It is an excellent resource for those students seeking to be successful in law school yet maintain balance in their lives.

To read a little bit about Professor Noreuil, go to the  ASU News website.  Be sure to also check out Professor Noreuil’s Law School Zen blog.

Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library Blog

The Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library has started a blog!  The blog is maintained as the e-newsletter for the Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library, and contains posts on such topics as library news, legal news, research tips, and court workshops and classes.  The blog also provides links to various legal research guides available online.  You can access the blog here.

Delightful Client Malapropisms

The ABA Journal recently asked its readers whether they could think of any “delightful client malapropisms” they had heard and would be willing to share.  Below are some highlights from the 103 comments posted by attorneys:

  • In a rape case, the witness said the woman had the reputation of being a prostitute. The judge asked the witness, “Is she a chaste woman?”  The witness responded, “Yes sir Judge, lots of men chases her.”
  • I once heard a witness in a criminal case take the “Fifth Dimension”.
  • Defendant had just been sentenced to life in prison with no opportunity for parole.  He turned to his lawyer (my partner) and asked “Do I get credit for time served?”  A few minutes later he asked “Can I have congenital visits?”
  • I asked a client if she’d ever been deposed before. She looked at me quizzically and said that she’d never been asked to leave the country.
  • As a summer associate with a Fortune 500 company, I attended a Board meeting at which the CEO stood up, pounded the table, and said of a competitor: “We need to send them a ‘cease to exist’ letter!”

This gem comes from an attorney:

  • Judge, trying to help, asked a new young attorney in one of his first hearings “would you like to invoke the rule, counsel?” To which the young attorney replied, “Your Honor, I want to invoke ALL the rules!”

Highlighting new books at the Law Library, part 5

Have an iPad?  If so, this guide to maximizing the functionality of your tablet may be of interest to you.

iPad in One Hour for Lawyers
By Tom Mighell
Law Treatises KF320.A9 M48 2011

If you use an iPad with any frequency, either as a law student or as a practicing lawyer, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers will likely contain very useful information for you.  The first few lessons in the book address the basic setup and overall management of your iPad, including how to add files and sync them (which is actually harder than you would think, due to the tablet’s lack of USB port, SD card slot, and document folders).  The remaining lessons cover specific ways to be productive with your iPad.  The author, Tom Mighell, focuses on ways to create content, including how to use the tablet to write notes, prepare documents, generate spreadsheets, and even develop presentations.  The book also has a lesson devoted to using apps specifically designed for the practicing lawyer (which contains a list of some of the author’s favorite apps).

iPad in One Hour for Lawyers is easy to navigate and gives useful step-by-step instructions for most topics.  It also features a number of graphics, mainly screen shots, which help the reader visualize the written instructions.  The book is short (hence the “in one hour” title), but nonetheless gives thorough advice on maximizing your iPad’s capabilities.

The author also maintains a blog titled iPad 4 Laywers, intended as a companion site to the book.  On the blog Mighell provides “the latest tips, tricks on using the iPad, and reviews of apps that lawyers – or anyone, really – can use to be more productive at work and in other areas.”   Be sure to check out this website for even more ideas on how to use your iPad to the fullest extent.

Blogging for Law Students

Many lawyers maintain blogs for marketing purposes – to share their expertise and build their practices.  But is blogging useful for law students? A recent article titled To Blog or Not: That is the Question in the American Bar Association’s Student Lawyer magazine explored this question.  The article featured the story of Simon Borys, whose blog Simon Says: The Blog of Simon Borys, has logged 40,000 hits in the first year.  Whether the blog will help or hurt, or simply be a non-issue, as Borys searches for a job next year is yet to be seen.  Another law student blogger, Brett McKay of the Frugal Law Student blog, thinks that every law student should blog.  Read his thoughts here.

If you do blog, here are some tips from the Student Lawyer article:

  • Focus on your strengths – what do you offer that is unique?
  • Learn from the pros – find good to advice to follow
  • Do not be a know-it-all
  • Take the time to do it right
  • Do not plagiarize
  • Get a second opinion – vet your blog content with someone you respect

Interested in other law student blogs?  Check out this list.  Do you blog?  If so, is your blog a private endeavor or a public forum? Do you blog about legal issues, or like this practicing attorney, do you prefer to blog about your interests outside of the law?

In Praise of Podcasts

Ever tried listening to audio podcasts? Even if you don’t consider yourself an auditory learner, you may develop an affinity for them. They are a great way to learn or catch up on news while you work, drive, exercise, or maybe even while you sleep. It’s easy to listen online or to download them to a portable media player, and you can subscribe to podcast channels using RSS feeds so you never miss a new episode.

Here are just a few of the law/legal podcasts available online:


You can find lots on iTunes as well. Just search the term “law” or “legal” in the Podcasts section of iTunes or iTunesU . Here are a few we found:

Happy listening!