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Citation Sanity Savers

As promised in yesterday’s blog , “Beating the Bluebook Blues,” today we’ll be sharing some tips on how to keep track of all your citations and some Bluebooking shortcuts.

When you’re writing a paper or doing a research project or assignment, it can be difficult to keep track of all the resources you may want to cite.
Have you ever:

Realized you read the exact thing you needed several days ago, but then can’t find it again?
Gotten to the end of writing a paper and remember you still have to do a works cited/bibliography?
Wish there was a way to have all … Continue Reading

New! Legal Apps Research Guide

If you’re a Smartphone or tablet computer user, you know there’s an app for just about everything!

Here at the Law Library, we may have a lot of books, but we love technology, too! So, we put together a list of some of the apps we think are useful to the legal community in our new Legal Apps Research Guide.

There are lots more legal apps available out there, so have fun exploring! 

And here’s one of our favorite tricks: add your favorite websites to your Smartphone or tablet computer home screen so you can access them by touching an icon – just like an app! … Continue Reading

Get Organized Over Spring Break!

If you’re lucky, Spring Break means lounging on a pristine sandy beach, sipping a fruity drink from a coconut. If you’re a law student, Spring Break probably means that you’ll be outlining and gearing up for exams. While we can’t transport you to a tropical locale, we can show you few tools that might help with your studies.

First a brief explanation on a theory called Getting Things Done (GTD). The theory basically says that you’re not at your most productive when you’re overwhelmed by a million things floating around in your head. GTD inspired the popular site Lifehacker. For more information on the theory visit:

GTD … Continue Reading

Citation Management – RefWorks

If you’ve ever researched a topic online, you know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with all the information out there. There’s even a term for this condition: information overload.

If you’re plagued by information overload, a citation management program may be just the cure you need. A citation management program (a.k.a. reference managment program; a.k.a. bibliographic managment program) is a tool that allows you to create a personal database of citations, so all those fabulous resources you come across while researching will be in one place, organized however you like, and easily searchable.

There are lots of these programs available, … Continue Reading

In Praise of Podcasts

Ever tried listening to audio podcasts? Even if you don’t consider yourself an auditory learner, you may develop an affinity for them. They are a great way to learn or catch up on news while you work, drive, exercise, or maybe even while you sleep. It’s easy to listen online or to download them to a portable media player, and you can subscribe to podcast channels using RSS feeds so you never miss a new episode.

Here are just a few of the law/legal podcasts available online:

CALI’s Lawdibles
LexisNexis Legal PodcastsContinue Reading