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New Study Room!

Ever wish there was a study room on the first floor so you would be close to the Core materials and Reference Librarians? Well, now there is!

Thanks to some creative repurposing of space and furniture by our staff, the Law Library is proud to bring you our newest 4-person study room.

New Study Room 112D


Room 112D is located just past the Reference Librarians’ offices. Like all our study rooms, it is goverend by theStudy Room Code of Conduct and Guidelines, and it can … Continue Reading

New Books at the Law Library – Manifest Injustice

Manifest Injustice: The True Story of a Convicted Murderer and the Lawyers Who Fought for His Freedom
By Barry Siegel
Law Treatises KF224.M18 S56 2013

Manifest Injustice, by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barry Siegel, details the story of Bill Macumber and the efforts of the Arizona Justice Project, led by lawyer Larry Hammond and Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Professor Bob Bartels, on his behalf.   In 1974 Macumber was convicted for a double homicide that occurred in 1962, despite his assertion of innocence, questionable evidence linking Macumber to the crime, and a confession from a violent … Continue Reading

West Elevator – Out of Order

The West Elevator of the Law Library (the only one that goes to the 3rd floor) is currently out of order. It will be out of commission until tomorrow (Tuesday). We apologize for the inconvenience!

We know a few Law Library staffers who will be skipping the Stairmaster at the gym tonight!

Bloomberg Law – Account Sign-up and Training

Have you signed up for your free Bloomberg Law student account yet?  If not, simply go to https://www.bloomberglaw.com/activate and enter your information – no activation code is needed as Bloomberg will authenticate your account with your @asu.edu e-mail address.

Bloomberg Law offers access to cases, statutes, and regulations, in addition to news, company and financial data, and docket searching.  Bloomberg Law also has all BNA and Practicing Law Institute (PLI) content available in its database, including treatises and BNA reports.

To learn more about using Bloomberg Law be sure to attend one of the student trainings … Continue Reading

Faculty Display Case Roundup

Our Faculty Display Case just got a new addition: the book International Trade in Indigenous Cultural Heritage : Legal and Policy Issues, which features an article by Professor Rebecca Tsosie titled “International Trade in Indigenous Cultural Heritage: An Argument for Indigenous Governance of Cultural Property.”  If you’re interested in reading this chapter or the entire book, it is available for check out.