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Justice in the Kitchen

Finals are over, students are enjoying break, and so I thought it would be a good time for a light-hearted blog post.  In this edition of the Ross-Blakley blog we are adventuring into territory that is not routinely covered by law libraries: gourmet cuisine.
Frog cover

Some Background
A small collection of personal artifacts from our namesake, Sandra Day O’Connor, was generously donated to the law school.  Part of that collection came to the Ross-Blakley law library so that we could display some of the books and artifacts in the law library.  Resident technical services wizard, Karen Scoville, discovered a treasure that I thought I would share.

The Cover of Justice in the Kitchen
This cookbook was created by the spouses of Arizona law students, attorneys, and judges.  However, it also features submissions from law faculty, deans, senators, and judges.  I do not have an exact date of publication but I estimate it to be late 1960’s (Barry Goldwater and Spiro Agnew references).

Besides having an adorable frog-judge on the cover, it’s got some recipes that are prototypical of that time period.  (Note: I have not been able to discover why they chose a frog but there are many frog drawings in the book – frogs with gavels, frogs wearing aprons, frogs with wigs, frogs playing sports, etc.)

Senator Barry Goldwater’s recipe for Black Walnut Stew:

Former ASU President G. Homer Durham provides the “recipe” for his favorite afternoon snack:
People in the 1960’s appreciated gelatin a lot more than we do.Apricot



















My personal favorite because it’s one of the few that I can cook with my limited abilities. 










If anyone has information about this that they would like to share, please feel free to email me at

Sean Harrington, Electronic Resources Librarian

Library Student Reference Assistant Position for Spring 2020

The ASU Ross-Blakley Law Library is seeking a 2L or 3L student to help provide reference and research assistance in the Spring 2020 semester.

Rate of pay: $15/hour

Work hours: Flexible; 5-15 hours per week (scheduled 9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday)

Please apply online by 3pm on 12/27/19 using the instructions below:

  • You can apply online by clicking on the following link:
  • Next, click on the “Search On-Campus Jobs” box
  • In the search bar, type 57599BR and then click “Search”
  • Click on the job title link to open job posting
  • Click on the “Apply to job” button at the lower part of the screen
  • Fill out the appropriate fields and attach your resume, etc.

Contact Tara Mospan at with any questions.

Resource Spotlight: U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library

Impeachment is in the news and, if you’re like me, you may wonder if journalists are misstating this fairly complicated legal doctrine’s history and application.  Fortunately, the Ross-Blakley Law Library is here to help.  We collect many resources that cover the doctrine of impeachment but I would like to highlight one specific resource in HeinOnline:  U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library.


You can also read historical documents from past Presidential impeachment hearings to get an idea of the historical precedent for these types of proceedings:


The guide also has recent legal journal articles on this topic so you can see what scholars in this field are saying about the current state of this doctrine:


From HeinOnline:

Now, one of these rare impeachment proceedings has been brought against the 45th president of the United States. For now, Donald Trump’s fate remains unknown as subpoenas are issued and testimony given. To help researchers understand these rare but always fascinating historical events, HeinOnline now offers a new collection, U.S. Presidential Impeachment. Organized by the four affected presidents, this collection brings together a variety of documents both contemporaneous and asynchronous to each president’s impeachment, presenting both a snapshot of the political climate as each impeachment played out and the long view history has taken of each proceeding. Congressional Research Service reports round out a general discussion of presidential impeachment and a curated list of scholarly articles, external links, and a bibliography provide avenues for further research on this topic. We are especially pleased to include the ever-growing resource Whistleblower Complaint on Ukraine, compiled by Kelly Smith at UC San Diego, which brings together official documents related to the whistleblower complaint and impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. This collection will continue to grow as we add new material, particularly as it becomes available for the current investigation into Donald Trump. Research not just the past but our fascinating present with HeinOnline.

Here’s how to navigate to the database from the Ross-Blakley Law Library’s homepage:

U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library in HeinOnline

Sean Harrington, Electronic Resources Librarian

Exam Prep: The Law Library Can Help

Test Taking

The Law Library has an abundance of resources to help you prepare for your exams.

  • Our online study aids subscriptions will help build your confidence.
    WK Online Study Aid
    West Academic Study Aids
  • CALI tutorials are written by law faculty and librarians from American law schools. They are reviewed and revised on a regular basis. The lessons are designed to help you become accustomed to taking multiple-choice examinations and provide feedback to your answers.
  • Our print Study Skills Collection is located on the third floor of the Law Library across from the Circulation Desk. The collection brings together an array of study aids to help you prepare for your exams. All the materials in the Study Skills Collection may be checked out for two weeks and are renewable twice. We also have a print collection of Exam Preparation Guides you may find useful.
  • You may access Law School Past Exams from the Law Library’s web site. Many faculty members make their past exams available to students as a teaching aid.

If there is anything specific you might need help with as you prepare to study for your exams, please don’t’ hesitate to schedule an appointment to Meet with a Librarian.

We wish you the best of luck!