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Bloomberg Law

You’ve heard of Westlaw and Lexis, of course. But have you tried Bloomberg Law yet?

The Bloomberg name (as in, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg), is best known for financial and business matters, and now Bloomberg has expanded its reach into the legal field with Bloomberg Law, an award-winning legal research database.

Bloomberg Law is the real-time legal research system that integrates innovative search technology, comprehensive legal content, company and market information, and proprietary news all in one place. This collaborative workspace also includes a suite of new tools for more effective legal analysis and more productive client development.

Students, interested in setting up a free account so you can start using Bloomberg Law? Go to and fill out the form.

You do not need an activation code, but you must use your ASU email address to register.  It takes 24 to 48 hours for your account to be activated.

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Superhero Karaoke Bar?

Many of us have legal heroes, from the fictional Atticus Finch to our school’s namesake, Sandra Day O’Connor. Rather less common are lawyers who turn to superheroes as inspiration for a new career.  That is exactly where ex-bankruptcy lawyer Andrew Lebwohl turned when he determined that he wanted to leave Big Law to open a bar. What better to draw the college crowd than servers dressed as superheroes and constant karaoke?

Interested? Unfortunately the bar is located in New Haven, Connecticut, but the story of Lebwohl’s pregression from junior associate at Dewey & LeBouf to small business owner is available here, courtesy of the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Welcome Back to Law School: New Study Zones

The Law Library staff hopes you had a fun and productive summer.  We would like to thank everyone who took the Law Library Student Survey during the 2012 spring semester.  The Law Library staff worked very hard this summer to implement your suggestions and take care of your concerns.  We will be publishing the results of the survey soon but we wanted to tell you about our new Study Zone policy.  Many survey takers were concerned about the noise levels in the Law Library so we have established Collaborative, Quiet and Silent study zones.  Study zones have varied noise levels and allow users to determine which areas of the Law Library are best for the type of study environment they need. Signs are posted in all areas of the library so it should be clear to users what is permitted and expected regarding noise levels.  For more specific information, please visit the Study Zone webpage.

Be on the lookout for more new services and improvements we have made to make the Law Library a pleasant place to research, study, and collaborate.

SunCard Reader Dance Moves!

The Ross-Blakley Law Library observes a Limited Access Policy. Starting Monday, to enter the main doors of the law library, you must swipe your SunCard at the card reader. (If you’re not an ASU affiliate, we’ll ask you to sign in at the front desk)
Law Students: here are some tips to help you learn about swiping your SunCard at the card reader.

SunCard in your front pocket? Try "The Flamenco!"




 Don't want to dig through your backpack? Do the "Backpack Backbend"





Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle with "The Fosse"



 Love the nightlife? Got to boogie? Do the "Disco!"




Whether you have the "Moves Like Jagger" or not...


 …make sure your SunCard is activated!

Ask at the front desk if you need help! Stop by today between 1:00 and 5:00 and we’ll even throw in a free root beer float!

(Hat tip to former law library employee Serene Rock, who observed many SunCard reader dance moves over the years!)