Blogging for Law Students

Many lawyers maintain blogs for marketing purposes – to share their expertise and build their practices.  But is blogging useful for law students? A recent article titled To Blog or Not: That is the Question in the American Bar Association’s Student Lawyer magazine explored this question.  The article featured the story of Simon Borys, whose blog Simon Says: The Blog of Simon Borys, has logged 40,000 hits in the first year.  Whether the blog will help or hurt, or simply be a non-issue, as Borys searches for a job next year is yet to be seen.  Another law student blogger, Brett McKay of the Frugal Law Student blog, thinks that every law student should blog.  Read his thoughts here.

If you do blog, here are some tips from the Student Lawyer article:

  • Focus on your strengths – what do you offer that is unique?
  • Learn from the pros – find good to advice to follow
  • Do not be a know-it-all
  • Take the time to do it right
  • Do not plagiarize
  • Get a second opinion – vet your blog content with someone you respect

Interested in other law student blogs?  Check out this list.  Do you blog?  If so, is your blog a private endeavor or a public forum? Do you blog about legal issues, or like this practicing attorney, do you prefer to blog about your interests outside of the law?