Our Guide to Study Guides Helps You Succeed

The great news is that ASU’s Law Library offers access to dozens and dozens of high quality study aids through its subscriptions to Aspen Learning Library and West Academic. The good news is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by sorting through so many choices, we can help.

Our new chart, A Look Inside Study Aids, lists the major study aids series on each platform. Each series usually covers the major first year and advanced legal courses, but many do so in different ways. These differences cater to different learning styles. Some students may need extensive reviews of course material, while others may prefer quick synopses. Some students prefer audio and video resources to more law school reading. Some students learn best with flow charts or flashcards or practice questions.

Our guide can help you find them all, and it lists special features in each series. We even list resources to assist with course outlines and case briefs for students seeking an edge in class discussions.

We recommend Aspen’s Examples & Explanations and Glannon Guide series as the “best bets” for students unsure of which study guide to choose because of their thoroughness, their popularity, and their track record of success.

We encourage you to Meet with a Librarian for more personalized recommendations specifically geared to your learning style. All of the guides essentially teach the same thing, but the key is finding the one that resonates with you.