Our Law Librarians’ Reach is Far

Our law librarians’ reach is FarThis past summer a group of students at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law participated in the Timor-Leste internship program. One of the interns, Alexandria Saquella, was working under the Parliamentary Watch Project. Her specific assignment involved anti-corruption legislation. Even though she was 8,395 miles away from the law school, feeling pressure from the gravity of the work, she turned to Reference Librarians Tara Mospan and Beth DiFelice for expert assistance. I was so afraid of making a mistake or giving the wrong information, Saquella said. But thankfully, we have amazing librarians here at the law school who know how to do international research. This is information that doesn’t just come up on Google. There are specific ways to find these laws and see how they’re applied. So I was communicating with our librarians a lot and they were incredibly helpful.

Via Zoom and email communications, the law librarians provided the help Saquella needed to make her internship impactful and successful. So whether you are on the other side of the globe, at home, or studying in the law school, the Law Library staff is available and happy to help you: Meet with a Librarian, Ask a Librarian, Reference Desk Hours.

You can read more about Timor-Leste internship program here:  International internship gives ASU Law students opportunity to impact democracy in developing country