Black History Month: Law Library’s Racial Justice Guide Supports Researchers and Activists

black history month

The Ross-Blakley Law Library is no stranger to the movement for racial justice still progressing across the country. Librarians have compiled resources for researchers as well as information for demonstrators in our Racial Justice research guide.

We have compiled national as well as local organizations dedicated to the pursuit of racial justice. These organizations advocate for change either for particular demographic groups or for justice more generally. They include the national Black Lives Matter, which states that its mission is to “build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.” The Black Youth Project, another national organization, mobilizes people ages 18-35 to create a more just world for all Black people. The NAACP is a coalition with a broad mission to improve economic and social equality and fight discrimination. All groups provide detailed information on their efforts and their goals, helping researchers find the most pressing matters in the fight for racial justice.

For those who take to the streets, we have handy guides to the rights of protesters and how to stay within the legal limits in their demonstrations. The state of Arizona imposes further regulations on protesters gathering at the state Capitol.

Along with more familiar research resources, including racial justice books and databases, the guide presents federal government resources on understanding and discussing racial issues.

And, for personal, one-on-one research advice dedicated to improving your particular project, schedule an appointment to Meet with a Librarian. We can help with topic selection, initial research, research troubleshooting, and even citation formatting.