Display Case Round-Up

Did you know that ASU Law professors are pretty prolific writers?  As their articles and books are published, they often have us place copies of their works in the display case in the library lobby.

Starting this week, on Sundays we’re going to do a weekly round-up of all of the new publications that are put in the display case, complete with information on how you can read them.

To start us off, we have a book chapter by Professor Charles Calleros  and an article by Professor Linda Demaine.

Professor Calleros’s chapter, “Hernandez V. Texas: A Milepost on the Road to Civil Rights for Latinos” is found in Readings in Persuasion: Briefs that Changed the World.  Although it is currently on display, this Study Skills book is available for check out.

From Professor Demaine, we have “Seeing is Deceiving: The Tacit Deregulation of Deceptive Advertising,” which was recently published in Volume 54, Issue 3 of the Arizona Law Review.  We have a copy of this issue at the Circulation Desk if you’re interested in reading the article, or you can go to the ASU catalog for online access options.