Extreme Weight Loss – Law Library Edition

What’s that? We look lighter? Thanks for noticing, we have lost a few pounds. Over 78,000 pounds, actually!

If you were around last week, you may have noticed we were getting rid of a few books. And by “a few,” we mean over 13,000! According to ASU Recycling (our superstar partners in this project), the total weight of the books we discarded was 78,785 lbs (just under 40 tons!). The Law Library and Recycling staff certainly built some muscle as we shed this weight – what a workout! And speaking of ASU Recycling, we’d like to give a huge thank-you for their help with this project – we could not have done it without them! We’re so happy the books were able to be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

This “spring cleaning” was part of an effort to reorganize and consolidate space in order to make the Law Library a more user-friendly space. We cleared out some items from the basement, but most of what we discarded were volumes of Regional Reporters from Reserve Reading Room (say that three times fast!). We had duplicate copies of these Reporters and the other sets we discarded, and we stopped updating the sets in the Reserve Reading Room ages ago. So, you shouldn’t miss them. If you need a Regional Reporter, you can find up-to-date sets in the Core area of the Law Library, or access them online.

So, what will the free space be used for? We’ve got several ideas under consideration – stay tuned to the blog for announcements!