International Criminal Law Research Guide Shines Searchlight on Regional and Global Prosecutions

The Ross-Blakley Law Library’s Criminal Law and International and Foreign Law research guides have a new criminal element: The International Criminal Law page. Both guides have been enhanced by this new addition that helps introduce and explain a very different form of criminal law.

The International Criminal Law page includes information on both international crimes, a list of specific offenses such as crimes against humanity and aggression that are prosecuted at the international level, and transnational crimes, which involve more generalized criminal activity that spans two or more countries’ boundaries.

The guide includes more than a dozen books published within the last ten years to ensure their relevance. They include introductory texts that lay the foundations of the concepts as well as more advanced commentaries on specific aspects of international criminal law, such as classical morality and the role of victims in global prosecutions.

The guide also includes links to the major, currently operating international criminal courts as well as present and historical specialized courts. It includes a detailed look at the International Military Tribunal for Germany that held the Nuremberg Trials against Nazi military and political leaders. International organizations that support crime prevention and criminal justice are also represented.

For up to date information on international crime, see the News and Blogs tab as well as the Journals tab, which includes links to dedicated journals as well as a focused research tool for international crime topics contained in a variety of legal journals. The databases tab provides ways to find case law, facts, and other information.

For guidance on criminal law and international law research, we encourage you to Meet with a Law Librarian to discuss your project with a JD holding research expert.