Outlining in the Alternative: Anki’s Online, Multimedia Flashcards

Students learn differently from one another, and the traditional law school methods may not resonate as strongly with one student as the next. And that’s OK. Students who may not feel inspired by the traditional outline can do more to remember the key information necessary for an optimal finals performance.

One tool that will make that easier is Anki, an online platform for multimedia flashcards where students can make their own decks or download decks that others have prepared and then put their legal minds to the test.

Each Anki deck can be as small or as large as necessary to compile all information that will be helpful. For a class like con law, it might mean a fairly large collection of cards. But Anki makes it easy to manage these flashcard sets, enabling users to color code cards or even bury those that might not be useful any longer.

For students who learn better with visual cues, Anki makes it easy to upload images or videos to be associated with each flashcard, helping to build mnemonic associations. Anki also enables students to embed an audio recording onto cards for students with audio or audio-visual learning preferences.

Anki is free to download and it can keep your flashcard collection in sync across multiple devices.

For additional study tips, make an appointment to Meet with a Librarian. The law library’s JD holding reference librarians have all successfully taken law exams and can help you identify study materials that will click with your particular learning style.