Shoe Suits

Today the Federal Trade Commission put its foot down on unsubstantiated claims that toning shoes strengthen and tone muscles:

Reebok to Pay $25 Million in Customer Refunds To Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Advertising

There’s further trouble for toning shoes with a class action suit brewing against New Balance for similar reasons, and a lawsuit against Sketchers Shape-Ups where a customer claims wearing the shoes caused hip fractures.

As the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  So we’re not cancelling our gym memberships just yet.

But sometimes news-worthy lawsuits make us library-folk kick up our heels and do some research, and that burns a few calories. You can bet your boots the courts have seen their share of shoe suits.

For example, high-end shoe designer Christian Louboutin sued competitor Yves St. Laurent, for producing shoes with red soles, which Louboutin claims is his signature design. And Vibram, makers of the creepy-looking FiveFingers, is suing Fila over patent infringement for their similar product, Skeletoes.

Should you find yourself knee-deep in loafer litigation, here are a couple resources to get you started: