All the News You Can Read at ASU Law

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Being a member of the Arizona State University community confers many benefits.  One of them is the vast quantity of paywalled databases and subscriptions you receive as part of your membership.

Whether you are doing historical research or simply looking to stay informed, here is a list of the many, phenomenal resources that are available with your ASURITE credentials.

Remember that nearly all of these services allow you to subscribe so that you can have topic-specific results delivered directly to your email inbox.  The law library has created a YouTube playlist to show you how to set up alerts on the 4 most popular platforms:

General News

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Economist are all provided to everyone in the ASU community from the main campus libraries.

Legal News

Generally, the best legal news sources will only be available to members of the ASU Law community and are tied to your accounts for Bloomberg, Lexis, and Westlaw.  The platforms also purchase the rights to republish many of your favorite newspapers and I have listed some of the most popular below:

Bloomberg News Terminal
This includes many of your favorite “BNA” publications.

Westlaw’s News Services
This includes the Washington Post and Reuters.

Law360 from Lexis
This includes ALM and CCH publications and the LA Times.

Law360 is available to you from this link directly while you are on campus. 

If you are off-campus you will need to login to your Lexis account and access it through the menu.

Education News

If you are interested in the inner-workings and latest events in academia, then we provide two high quality resources.

The Chronicle of Higher Education and Times Higher Education

Law Journals and Legal Periodicals

If you are looking to stay informed about the evolution of an area of law, we have extensive journal coverage through our subscription to HeinOnline.  Hein can email you the latest and greatest, whether you are interested in a journals from top-tier institutions (e.g. the Harvard Review, The Arizona State Law Journal, etc.), all journals on a particular subject (e.g. Constitutional Law, Environmental Law), and even international journals.

Historical News

If you are doing research into historical publications, the main campus libraries offer many, full-text searchable databases that will provide decades (and sometimes centuries) of old issues for your research purposes:

If you are conducting historical news research or are having trouble accessing any of our news content, don’t hesitate to reach out to a law librarian and we will get you heading in the right direction.