Some Dog-Gone Good Animal Law Resources

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog month!

Last October I adopted George (see adorable photo) from a local rescue.

For me, the decision to adopt was driven partially by grief; I had recently lost  a dog to cancer, and life felt empty without a canine companion.

But adopting a dog is a big decision,and a big responsibility. You have to think about leash laws, bite laws, what will happen if you get divorced or die…

Luckily there’s lots of animal law resources out there (hat-tip to our Acquisitions/Serials Librarian Kerry Skinner for putting together most of these resources!).


General Animal Law Resources

  • The Animal Legal Defense Fund – covers the gamut of animal law topics; includes resources for pet owners, lawers and law students.
  • Born Free USA (f.k.a. the Animal Protection Institute) – focuses mainly on wildlife and wild animals in captivity, but also tracks law and legislation.
  •, from the International Institute for Animal Law is “intended to serve as a clearinghouse for animal-related legal information, from pending legislation through relevant case law digests.”
  • Michigan State University College of Law’s Animal Legal & Historical Center aims to be “a comprehensive repository of information about animal law”; contains an extensive dog law section.


Arizona Animal Law Resources


Law Library/ASU Libraries Resources – need to find resources in our library or other ASU libraries?

 Need more help with these or other legal resources? Ask our reference librarians

Of course you don’t have to go to law school to provide a great home for an animal. But there are plenty of things to consider first. But if you decide you are ready… 

  And you’re looking for a hiking buddy…
 …someone to hold your hand through rough times…
 …or someone to just kick back with…

 …consider giving a shelter dog a second chance.  Check out Petfinder’s list of animal shelters in Arizona to find adoptable dogs.