Topical Swarm: Law Library Introduces New Guides for Student Scholarship

TOPICAL SWARMOur law has roots that stretch back ages to Medieval England, and at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, students break new ground each year with seminar papers, law journal comments, and graduate writing requirements.

The Ross-Blakley Law Library has an enormous collection of texts and treatises in its catalog, access to countless law reviews and journals, and more than a dozen legal research databases beyond Westlaw and Lexis Advance.

It might seem difficult to get a good start, particularly with casebooks to read. But our research guides can help you dive in to the hot-button legal issues ripe for new perspectives. In particular, we have recently added entries for the Spring 2020 semester to our Topical Seminar Research Guides to help students who will be writing about legal developments in a variety of areas of law.

Our Artificial Intelligence guide, for example, includes publications dedicated to advancing knowledge of “thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.” Education and the Law links students to several blogs and news services capturing the latest trends in school policy. Global Approaches to Immigration and Citizenship opens reveals foreign legal materials that may not be readily available on some legal research services. And Law and Social Change incorporates dozens of resources involving a variety of social concerns, from racial and gender discrimination to mass incarceration.

We have topical library guides available to you if you’re enrolled in the following classes:

Arbitration: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Advanced First Amendment
Artificial Intelligence
Criminal Sentencing Seminar
Cults and Alternative Religions
“Dangers” of the Modern Administrative State
Education and the Law
Genetics and the Law
Global Approaches to Immigration and Citizenship
Indian Energy
International Law of Armed Conflict
International Environmental Law
International Human Rights
Law and Psychology
Law and Social Change
Medical Error
National Security Law
Neuroscience, Law & Ethics
Privacy, Big Data & Emerging Technologies
Professional Sports Law
Race and the Law
Reproduction, Reproductive Technologies, and the Law
Special Topics in Water Law
Sustainability and Law Research Seminar

For further help with choosing a topic or starting your research, feel free to Meet with a Librarian. We have extensive experience retrieving information on all manner of legal topics, and can help set you on a productive research trail.

Andrea Gass, Law Library Fellow