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The Bar Exam Cometh

The Law Library has a slew of bar exam preparation materials available for those taking the upcoming February Arizona Bar Exam.  We know that your studying is probably well underway, so be sure to check out some of the following study materials:

Past Arizona bar exam essay questions (Feb. 2011 back to Feb. 1995)
Bar Prep Series
– videos reviewing bar exam subjects, prepared by College of Law faculty

Materials in the Study Skills Collection

CALI Lessons

Many of the over 300 CALI tutorials cover bar subjects, including civil procedure, commercial transactions, con law, contracts, professional responsibility, evidence, property, and torts. To access the College of Law’s subscription to CALI, please visit our Using CALI  website.

Finally, in case you need a break from studying, some bar exam humor:

CALI Can Help You Study for Exams

Don’t forget that CALI lessons are a free way to help you prepare for exams.

CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials published by the non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI,

CALI publishes over 800 CALI lessons in 33 different legal subject areas listed at

Please note that you must register to use CALI lessons on the Web. Registration will allow you to create your own password to use the lessons. In order to register, you will need an authorization code. The code can be found in the Law Library’s CALI Guide.  You will need to login to this page using your ASURITE ID and password. 

Good luck with exams!

Puppy Day at George Mason Law

We love animals here at the Law Library, and thus were very excited when we heard about Puppy Day at George Mason University School of Law.

Yesterday, Forever-Home Rescue Foundation volunteers brought four litters of recently-rescued puppies to George Mason for stressed-out law students to play with and enjoy.  The puppies’ visit came the week before exams, and provided a welcome study break for students.

Read more about Puppy Day at the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.  A brief video featuring some adorable puppies and more photos of the event are available at this Washington Post website.

We hope that you too can enjoy the therapeutic company of a four-legged friend before finals start!

Staying Motivated Through Final Exams

There are 26 long days between today and the last day of exams.  To help you get through them, the Law School Academic Support Blog has compiled some steps you can take in the weeks leading up to exams to keep yourself motivated:

  • Do all of your reading for the last week of classes during Thanksgiving break, and then just review before each class for about 30 minutes to refresh your memory.  Not having to read for those last few classes will give you extra exam review time.
  • For each class, make a list of topics and subtopics you need to learn before the exam.   The list will seem long, but subtopics can be covered in short amounts of time, and crossing things off a list always feels good.
  • Read each outline cover to cover every week until exams.  This will help you keep info fresh no matter how long ago you made your outline or did any intense subject review, and something is guaranteed to stick with you even during the most stressful of tests.
  • Take strategic study breaks.  Sprinkle 5-minute breaks into your 3-4 hour study sessions.  After longer sessions, take a break to eat a meal, spend time with your kids and/or significant other, or exercise.  Use the breaks as a reward for sticking with your task until completion.
  • Surround yourself with encouragers.  Stay away from your overly stressed classmates, find a study group with an upbeat outlook, and regularly check-in with friends and family who will cheer you on.
  • Plan fun events for winter break.  Take a day trip (Sedona is lovely), have a picnic (and revel in the fact Arizona is really the only place can you enjoy a picnic in January), go to the movies, or finally hike Camelback (the view at the top is worth the trek).  Having things to look forward to makes the hard work more bearable, and provides a light at the end of the tunnel.

New Additions to the Study Skills Collection

Ask and it shall be given.  A studious law student (is there any other kind of law student) asked that more materials be added to the Study Skills Collection which focus on estate and gift tax law.  They have arrived and are waiting to go home with you.  A few of the titles are listed below.  We also added a few books on evidence, corporations, and secured transactions.