Evidence Law Help From CALI

Nobody can fairly pretend to make the Anglo-American law of evidence easy, because it is essentially very difficult.”
– John MacArthur Maguire, Evidence: Common Sense and Common Law (1947).

While understanding Evidence Law may never be effortless, eLangdell® Press, the publishing component of CALI, has made it easier by offering three chapters of its Evidence Law casebook available for free:

 Best Evidence Rule



  Rape Shield Rule



  Jury Impeachment




Each chapter provides a roadmap for addressing the topic through a series of cases and hypotheticals drawn from actual cases.  The chapters can be downloaded as a PDF file, a Word document, or as an ebook compatible with an iPad, Kindle, or other e-reader.

Be sure to download the up-to-date edition of the Federal Rules of Evidence  from the eLangdell® Press website as well – it will be handy to have on your computer for in-class and exam-time reference.