First Monday in October-‘Supremes’ Back in Session!

The U. S. Supreme Court is back in session and crime and First and Fourth Amendment cases are on the docket.  In addition to United States v. Jones, No. 10-1259 (blogged about recently as “Court Case Asks if ‘Big Brother’ is Spelled GPS”), noteworthy cases include:

Does the First Amendment allow the government to regulate cursing and nudity on broadcast television?

Whether a “ministerial exception bans suits between religious groups and employees whose work includes religious duties.

Whether the First Amendment and the Constitution’s copyright clause prohibit Congress from taking works out of the public domain.

Does the Fourth Amendment allow jails to conduct suspicionless strip searches of every person detained for a minor offense.

Interested in articles discussing the new Supreme Court term? Access the entire article from the Sunday, October 2, New York Times, Section A, p. 13. The links to the dockets above are directly from the Supreme Court web site.

What are some other resources on the Ross-Blakley Law Library home page providing access to U. S. Supreme Court resources?  From the Research Now link, select BNA Databases and then under BNA Databases by Subject and under General select Supreme Court Today.

The SCOTUSblog , aka Supreme Court of the United States Blog, is a great daily resource!