Highlighting new books at the Law Library, part 11

This week we are featuring a guide to writing research papers.

The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers
By Bruce Ballenger
Law Study Skills Collection  LB2369 .B246 2012

The Curious Researcher is a guide to writing research papers that focuses on helping writers make the research and writing process a rewarding one.  The text encourages you to find ways to infuse your academic writing with your own voice and make it lively; the author believes that formal research papers do not have to be dry and boring.  Thus, although you may only have two weeks to finish up that seminar paper, this book can help make your work more enjoyable and fulfilling.  It offers guidance for every step of the research paper endeavor, from preliminary researching to editing a final draft.  A five week guide is provided to help focus your work and overcome procrastination.  There are also many useful writing illustrations throughout the text, from professionals as well as students, which provide examples of dynamic academic writing.

Good luck with those papers!