Legal Employment and Professional Development Guide Helps You Land Dream Job

It may take more than a polished cover letter and impressive resume to land the job of your dreams. Employers look at more than just grades—they are looking at the whole person including professional demeanor, communication skills, extracurriculars, and more.

How do prospective attorneys break through and demonstrate that they belong in the legal profession? West Academic provides numerous law employment aids that help demystify the hiring process and light the way to a successful interview and career.

The Ross-Blakley Law Library provides unlimited access to all of the titles, and our new chart helps job seekers identify the titles that will be most helpful. You can navigate to the employment guides from our online study aids page.

Some of the books are geared toward finding a first job, others for specific sorts of jobs such as law firm or in-house counsel work, and still others are more geared to a holistic approach toward making a law student into the ideal lawyer through networking and professional development. The chart lists the highlights of each volume’s contents and shows the book cover. In addition to online employment guides, the reference librarians provide expert help researching potential employers to help job seekers optimize their cover letters and interview tactics. Knowing about your prospective employer is essential, and if you Meet with a Law Librarian, we can demonstrate the latest tools to easily stay informed.