Petition to Allow 3Ls to Take the Bar Exam

The deans of Arizona’s three law schools have submitted a petition to the Arizona Supreme Court, asking to amend Rule 34 of the Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court and allow law students to take the Arizona bar exam the February of their 3L year.   Under the revision outlined in the petition, 3L students wishing to take the bar exam would have to obtain certification from their law school that they are currently enrolled in a course of study which will result in graduation within 120 days of taking the exam.  The deans state that this change would allow students to receive their exam results in May, rather than October, and consequently enable those who pass the bar to begin work earlier.

The State Board of Governors Rules Committee will recommend whether the Board of Governors should direct the State Bar of Arizona to file a comment to the petition.  The Board will ultimately determine the State Bar’s position on the matter.

If you would like to give input on the petition, you can submit comments through the Arizona Supreme Court’s website through May 21.

As a recent taker of the bar exam, I am not sure whether simultaneously studying for the bar and completing my 3L year would have been possible. . . What are your thoughts?