Research Guides at the Law Library

Did you know that the Law Library has a number of research guides and portals on its webpage?  These guides and portals are meant to help individuals researching specific areas of law find the materials they need.  They provide both explanation of subject matter and direction for locating resources.   The guides and portals may be particularly useful to you as you research for a paper or prepare materials for your externship or summer job.

Library research guides cover Arizona-specific subjects, such as state legislative history and Arizona public records, as well as federal subjects, including  federal bills and proposed legislation and the U.S. Supreme Court. There are also many topical research guides – bankruptcy, foreclosure, immigration, and tax law are just a few.  The Library has three research portals in addition to its many guides – Biotechnology and Genomics, Indian Law, and International Law.  The portals provide a centralized location for accessing in-depth resources.

Our most recent research guide, the tax law research guide, provides information for finding the statutes, treaties, regulations, rulings, and judicial decisions from the government’s executive, legislative, and judicial branches which compose federal tax law.  The guide also offers sources for current awareness in tax law, including updates on case law, legislation, and legal news.

Be sure to consult these resources when taking on legal research in the future!