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Using CALI to Study for Exams

At some point in the coming weeks you will probably reach the point where you feel like you simply cannot look at your course outline one more time.  At this point (and even before!) reviewing for your exam via a CALI lesson is a great idea. CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials published by the non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction.  With our school’s CALI membership you have access to over 900 interactive lessons in over 30 legal subjects.  You can find them all at cali.org/lesson.

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Law School is Tough, Even for Super Bowl Champions

Exams are right around the corner and you may still be trying to work through all those hearsay exceptions for your evidence final, but you can take heart in the fact that law school is tough for everyone – even two-time Super Bowl champions.  Randall Gay, who won the Super Bowl while playing for the New England Patriots in 2004 and the New Orleans Saints in 2009, is now a 1L at the Southern University Law School.  Gay compares the rigors of the NFL to law school:

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Preparing for the First Day of Exams

Monday marks the first day of Spring 2012 exams, with Criminal Law kicking things off at 8:30am and Evidence getting underway at 1pm.  Check out these new Evidence study skills books and browse through the library catalog for Criminal Law titles which will help you get ready for Day 1 of testing!

Also, if you are looking for ways to use your time during reading week wisely and be more productive as you prepare for exams, read through the study tips on the Law School Academic Support Blog.

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The Zen of Law School Success

The Zen of Law School Success
By Chad Noreuil
Law Study Skills Collection KF283 .N67 2011

The Zen of Law School Success is a new book in the Law Library collection written by the College of Law’s very own Professor Chad Noreuil.  Professor Noreuil also wrote The Zen of Passing the Bar Exam.  In this new book, Noreuil focuses on the law school experience and details how to put Zen principles such as simplicity, knowing yourself, and staying focused into practice in law school.  He offers a comprehensive approach to succeeding at law … Continue Reading

Evidence Law Help From CALI

“Nobody can fairly pretend to make the Anglo-American law of evidence easy, because it is essentially very difficult.”
– John MacArthur Maguire, Evidence: Common Sense and Common Law (1947).

While understanding Evidence Law may never be effortless, eLangdell® Press, the publishing component of CALI, has made it easier by offering three chapters of its Evidence Law casebook available for free:

 Best Evidence Rule



  Rape Shield Rule



  Jury Impeachment




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New Books at the Law Library – The Glannon Guide to Property

The Glannon Guide to Property: Learning Property through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis
Law Study Skills Collection KF561 .S627 2011

What’s the difference between title to property held in fee simple, fee simple determinable, and fee simple subject to executor condition?   The answer to this question (which you will need to know for your upcoming property exam!) and more lie in the pages of the new edition of the Glannon Guide to Property.  Property is a notoriously difficult subject, but the Glannon Guide offers a clear and ordered review of property topics, organized around multiple-choice … Continue Reading

Get Organized Over Spring Break!

If you’re lucky, Spring Break means lounging on a pristine sandy beach, sipping a fruity drink from a coconut. If you’re a law student, Spring Break probably means that you’ll be outlining and gearing up for exams. While we can’t transport you to a tropical locale, we can show you few tools that might help with your studies.

First a brief explanation on a theory called Getting Things Done (GTD). The theory basically says that you’re not at your most productive when you’re overwhelmed by a million things floating around in your head. GTD inspired the popular site Lifehacker. For more information on the theory visit:

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Getting the Semester Started Off Right

Exam season may seem like the far-off future now, but it is precisely what you are doing at the beginning of the semester that will prepare you for exams at the end.  The new semester means a fresh start, and now is the time to get your study practices off on the right foot.  Here are some techniques to help:

Condense your briefs and class notes into outlines every week – outlining throughout the semester will help you retain the information you learned and keep you from having to re-learn material at the end of the semester.  Additionally, having … Continue Reading

The Bar Exam Cometh

The Law Library has a slew of bar exam preparation materials available for those taking the upcoming February Arizona Bar Exam.  We know that your studying is probably well underway, so be sure to check out some of the following study materials:

Past Arizona bar exam essay questions (Feb. 2011 back to Feb. 1995)
Bar Prep Series
– videos reviewing bar exam subjects, prepared by College of Law faculty

Materials in the Study Skills Collection

The Arizona Bar Exam: Pass it Now
Acing the Bar Exam: A Checklist Approach to Taking the Bar Exam
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CALI Can Help You Study for Exams

Don’t forget that CALI lessons are a free way to help you prepare for exams.

CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials published by the non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI, www.cali.org).

CALI publishes over 800 CALI lessons in 33 different legal subject areas listed at cali.org/lesson.

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